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About Fork N Fry 

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My Story

<---HI! I'M Kelsey. Owner & Operations  at Fork N Fry, LLC. 

This food truck dream was pursued to inspire others with an intention to live their dreams! My dream is to continuously find the gluten free community, and feed them, safely.  My goal is to eventually create multiple gluten free Food truck/ establishments along the way. 

Over the past 10 years, I've immersed myself in restaurant & hospitality experience. Both in and out of the kitchen. I've worked alongside many talented and skilled individuals; from critically skilled chefs, to food artists, health experts and foodies. I have taken their knowledge and passion to find alternatives to make the same dish but without the gluten! 

i've been a celiac and eating gluten free for 10 years. 

Fork N Fry's Awesome staff is compiled of  2-3 passionate fry experts, sometimes 4-5 depending on the event size. 


We thrive on creating a fun, and personal street food experience for everyone. We work up to 6 days a week during peak season, and 3-4 days in the Winter/Spring. We experience all the seasons, and all kinds of weather. 


Our truck is unique and not like most food trucks!

Our tiny kitchen is approximately 15ft long by 5 ft wide. 

We are self contained, run off propane and have a generator for power

Our concept started with one objective in mind.

- To Find the gluten free community and feed them.

The particular plan included a niche food truck serving a completely gluten free menu, 

no ifs, ands or buts. 

This gluten free - mobile poutinerie, also serves gourmet fries! 

We have a standard menu, but frequently changes to create dishes from other cuisines and incorporate them into poutine & Cheesy fry creations. 

From Breakfast to Dessert - There is something for everyone on our truck, even those with food limitations, or allergies. 

Truck Talk.

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